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Our supporters provide help and hope at every step of the Independence Journey

Share Your Story

Share your journey in regaining Independence and inspire others

We hear countless stories from stroke survivors every day who have achieved personal goals which may have once seemed impossible to them. We’ve asked some of them to tell us about their experiences in their own words to show what life after stroke means to them and to inspire you along the way.


No matter how gradual your recovery may seem in the early days, these stories show what some people can achieve. A stroke victory can be anything from cooking a meal for your family to climbing the stairs so that you can once again sleep in your own bed. It can be starting a new job, volunteering in your community or the pleasure of reading a book.

Each victory, no matter how big or small, is significant and sharing these experiences is a great way to inspire others during their individual recovery. So don't be shy, share your story & inspire your fellow comrades on their way.

We would also love to hear what it is like caring for someone who has had a stroke. The journey towards Independence is never walked alone. From caregivers to caregivers, here you can find out what helped others to look to the future and kept them going. 



Share MY Story

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