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Stay Home. Keep Safe. And Continue Moving Forward Strongly Towards Your Independence Goals.

Given the rising COVID-19 infection cases, Singapore has undergone two rounds of tightening measures within one week. If situation does not improve, a full circuit breaker might really be implemented once more… But, unlike last year, we are now much more aware and we can prepare for it.

For the many who suffer from chronic neuromuscular conditions such as traumatic brain injury and stroke, loss of access to therapy meant loss of progression and to some, even regression.

With all the amazing technological advancement in today’s world, that need not be the case for you.

With SynPhNe, an award-winning wearable medical device, that is able to read your brain and muscle signals as you attempt to do a task, you can train with ease in the safety and comfort of your own home with all the required insights as if you had a PT / OT right beside you.

With SynPhNe, you need not choose between sacrificing your progress and keeping safe from COVID-19. Don’t be a victim of circumstances. Empower yourself by renting a SynPhNe device and keep marching on towards your Independence Goals in the safety and comfort of our own home!

Here's a video of us sharing what Independence means to our users and a quick preview of how SynPhNe works.

To find out more about our programs visit or call +65 6521 3868 / + 65 9147 4261.




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