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An IT Engineer's Story

Meet Mr NV, a Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor

In his letter to us, he said,

I would like to thank you and the entire staff of SynPhNe for helping me in my rehabilitation effort (after my skiing accident and the resulting brain trauma) to gain independence and return to my day-to-day activities such as: • Return to my very demanding IT engineer job • Start performing physical activities such as hiking, biking, etc. • Ability to perform basic tasks such as carrying a coffee cup with less fear of spilling coffee

SynPhNe Team is super thrilled for Mr NV’s success and is extremely glad to walk this journey with him!

We sincerely thank Mr NV for allowing us to share this letter with all of you.


SynPhNe Beats is created for you by the contributions of others who are on a similar journey. We welcome you to share your story with us to inspire others on their journey. Reach out to us to include your story in our next issues.


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