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A Math Teacher's Story

RPS is a Mathematics teacher who is extremely passionate about teaching as he has always believed it is the only way to a bright future. Calculations, formulae and problems solving were the skills he was passionately imparting to his students every single day until Feb 2019, when he was diagnosed with right-sided hemiparesis due to stroke. This meant that he couldn’t use his right side, he couldn’t write on a blackboard.

While RPS continued his rehab exercises every day post-discharge, he was still not able to use his right hand. He feared that he was not going to be able to teach, to shape minds and the future. Worst of all, he thought that if he wanted to hold on to this first love of teaching, he had to risk his health. A very difficult choice that he could not make.

All this changed when he heard of SynPhNe and reached out. He realized that he doesn’t have to choose. He could have both! Hence, he decided to put his own belief into action and start learning new Life Skills to get back to what he loved doing – teaching.

After a few SynPhNe sessions, RPS started improving steadily, overcoming one obstacle after another - from opening a water bottle to pouring water form a jug. His family started to see him smile. Today, he is not only able to write smoothly in a note book but also on a blackboard with his right hand. He can not only teach, but he can teach online!


SynPhNe Beats is created for you by the contributions of others who are on a similar journey. We welcome you to share your story with us to inspire others on their journey. Reach out to us to include your story in our next issues.


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