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Our supporters provide help and hope at every step of the Independence Journey

Become An Ambassador

Share SynPhNe™ Methodology & Platform within your community


Our community ambassadors have a wide range of skills, experiences and backgrounds but most importantly they all have one thing in common - they are SynPhNe Users who have achieved their Independence Goals or are well on their journey to achieving their Independence Goals.


We believe that the journey to Independence becomes more achievable when one can speak to someone who has walked in the same shoes.

If you are an existing SynPhNe User, share in our values and strongly want to make a positive difference in people's lives, sign up for our SynPhNe Ambassador Program. This program equips current SynPhNe Users to reach out to those who are on their journey towards Independence with SynPhNe. Through tele-commuting, home and/or hospital visits, SynPhNe ambassadors help fellow comrades come to terms with their diagnosis, give another perspectives towards challenges faced, and help encourage them on in their journey towards Independence.

Talk to your SynPhNe Trainer about your interest in becoming a SynPhNe Ambassador.

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